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SSR and the Domestic-International Security Nexus: The Role of Public Safety Canada By: Geoff Burt | Publications | May 25, 2011

This special report, commissioned by Public Safety Canada, follows a two-day workshop on security sector reform (SSR) organized by CIGI in partnership with Public Safety Canada. Two central questions raised at the seminar are the focus of this report: How can Public Safety Canada effectively contribute to SSR engagements across the world and how can it fit SSR engagement into its domestically oriented mandate? Case studies suggest that engaging in SSR abroad can help eliminate or reduce some transnational threats, such as organized crime and weapons and drug trafficking. The report concludes that while personnel from Public Safety Canada and its agencies contribute valuable expertise to SSR missions around the world, the department lacks the resources and mandate to effectively support these engagements. These are necessary if Canada is to expand its ability to support domestic security reforms.

To download the report, click here. A French version of the report is available here.