Event: Innovating Justice Forum 2013 By: Lema Ijtemaye | SSR | Nov 15, 2013

Event: Innovating Justice Forum 2013

Issue Area: Justice and Law

Date: December 10-11, 2013

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

The justice forum is an interactive event that highlights several key aspects about courts around the globe. All over the world courts are struggling with capacity, funding and criticism that they lack effectiveness. At the same time many justice innovators are also coming up with fascinating new ways to make courts work better: new procedures, web-based platforms, forms of self-help and empowerment, and funding models. The challenge: how can this process be strengthened?

The forum will look at courts and dispute management from a broader perspective that will also be of interest for private sector attendants. There will be presentations by thought and practice leaders from different fields and parts of the world with great examples of innovations.

This event is not a conference with long presentations but a highly interactive, boundary-breaching, learning-by-doing event, in which innovative forces tackle urgent challenges. A group of eighty individuals will be brought together from different backgrounds: judges, court administrators, legislators, parliamentarians, civil society representatives, academics, (social) entrepreneurs and funders.

There is a small amount charged for participation: only 90 Euros, which provides with the basis to serve lunch, dinner, and provide individuals with a copy of the Trend Report and the book Innovating Justice – Developing New Ways to Bring Fairness between People.

More details about the Forum can be found at: http://www.hiil.org/news/building-the-courts-of-the-future


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