HIPS Policy Brief: The Consequences of Political Infighting By: Matthew Redding | Somalia | Dec 4, 2013

The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS), the first Somalia-based think tank, has released a policy brief on the recent political infighting between President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon ‘Saa’id’ that led to the ousting of the Prime Minister in a non-confidence vote just days ago.

The brief describes the “hybrid system” contained in the Provisional Constitution, which divides the executive to ensure a balance between the main clans in Somalia, with a President from one clan and a Prime Minister and his cabinet from another. While this arrangement initially led to cooperation and co-existence, in the past year it has fallen victim to the political wrangling and paralysis that characterised preceding failed administrations in Somalia. The brief goes on to explain the danger of such infighting and the inaction that has resulted. Such weakness in the government has affected Somalia’s overall statebuilding process, stalling the President’s six-pillar policy for recovery and stabilisation and has given Al-Shabaab the opportunity to capitalize on corresponding security gaps.

To prevent another collapse into disorder and violence, HIPS has provided a series of recommendations for restoring confidence in the government domestically and internationally and to once again allow it to carry out its constitutional obligations.

Click here to view the full briefing and its recommendations

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