South Sudan 2

Security Sector Reform and the Rule of Law in South Sudan By: Margarita Yakovenko | South Sudan | Jan 29, 2015

On June 17, 2014, the Africa Center for Strategic Studies held its 15th Senior Leaders Seminar in Washington D.C. The theme was Regional Responses: Security Sector Reform and Rule of Law. This is a video of a presentation made at the seminar by Ibrahim Wani, the Director of Human Rights, United Nations Mission in South Sudan. In his presentation, he describes the links between the security sector reform and rule of law and argues that the rule of law is essential for the sustainability of security sector reform.  He then goes on to describe the links in the context of the last year’s developments in South Sudan. In particular, he makes the claim that current crisis is due to the failure of South Sudan to establish rule of law since gaining its independence in 2011.

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