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News Roundup: 12 May - 18 May 2015 By: SSR Resource Centre | SSR Weekly | May 18, 2015

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Security Sector Reform Resource Centre

Burundi Crisis: The Military’s Central Role

Recent events in Burundi, including mass protests over the President’s attempt for a third term, a failed coup attempt and a massive refugee flow over the Burundian borders, have triggered fears of a renewed internal conflict. CSG Senior Fellow Nina Wílen analyzes the central role played by the military in this crisis.

Russia’s Victory Celebrations - Militarism and its Uncomfortable Truths

What to think about the parade that Russia held on 9 May 2015 to celebrate the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in World War II?  CSG Senior Fellow David Law offers his thoughts and analysis in this timely blog contribution.


Centre for Security Governance

The Centre for Security Governance published its latest CSG Insight, “Learning from Failure? British and European Approaches to Security and Justice Programming” written by Antoine Vandemoortele. This article discusses recent evaluation reports of UK and EU security and justice programming and analyzes alternative and innovative security sector reform (SSR) strategies. To read this CSG Insight, click here.



Mali separatist Tuareg rebel group boycotts peace deal

Three rebel groups have not signed the new peace agreement. This raises questions about Mali’s future stability and the prospects for durable peace. – Deutsche Welle                

Liberia: Police to Be Restructured

A new bill has been proposed to restructure the Liberia National Police before the end of the UN mission (UNMIL) mandate. – AllAfrica

Security services drain Palestine’s budget

28% of the Palestinian Authority’s annual budget in 2014 was allocated to Palestine’s security services. - Adnan Abu Amer, Al-Monitor

Lebanon | Future bloc demands reform of military court

The article discusses ongoing debates on the need to reform the military court following a controversial verdict. – The Daily Star

Central African Republic militias agree to disarmament deal

A new peace accord was signed last week between rival armed groups that provides a framework for Disarmament, Demobilization, Reinsertion and Repatriation.  – Sebastian Lamba, Reuters



The world’s abandonment of Darfur

Eric Reeves discusses the devastating consequences of a potential end to the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). – Eric Reeves, The Washington Post

Burundi crisis is not over yet – analysis

Thierry Vircoulon argues that, following the failed coup and the return of President Nkurunziza, the Burundi crisis is far from over. – Thierry Vircoulon, The Guardian

These are the signs Mexico is finally taking its corruption problem seriously

A new website for political candidates has been launched to promote better transparency and tackle the issue of political corruption. – Ioan Grillo, The Global Post

Security Aid and the Counterterrorism Racket

The author analyzes the consequences of the current security-oriented framework of U.S. counterterrorism aid allocation. – Andrew Boutton, Political Violence at a Glance

Recruiting Georgia in the fight against ISIL

Georgia has a growing role to play in the fight against ISIL and is starting to be a recruiting ground and transit route for foreign fighters going to Syria. – Luke Coffey, Al Jazeera

Hamas-Fatah divide cripples Palestine’s judiciary

Hazem Balousha presents evidence of the growing gap between the judiciary systems in Palestine where the Gaza Strip has been governed by a legal system completely distinct and separate from the West Bank’s judiciary framework. – Hazem, Balousha, Al-Monitor

Why Central African Republic’s Hybrid Tribunal Could be a Game-Changer

Mark Kersten analyzes the potential game-changing impact of the newly created hybrid tribunal in the Central African Republic, established to prosecute atrocities committed during the country’s latest crisis. – Mark Kersten, Justice in Conflict

CAR Takes Hopeful First Step Towards Peace

Alex Thurston analyzes the recent disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration agreement in the Central African Republic. The author argues that the implementation of this disarmament process will be a particularly complex issue. – Alex Thurston, IPI Global Observatory

The UN must stop shielding predators in its peacekeeping ranks

This editorial argues for immediate changes to the current immunity system for UN peacekeepers, notably through the Code Blue proposal which would allow an exception in the immunity protection system for UN personnel involved in sexual abuse cases. – The Globe and Mail

Twitter Chat: Libyans Discuss Solutions to Security, Justice Breakdown

Steven Ruder summarizes an online discussion on security and justice in Libya with Libyan activists, journalists and analysts. – Steven Ruder, United States Institute of Peace



Arming Iraq’s Kurds: Fighting IS, Inviting Conflict

This report focuses on the consequences of arming non-state security actors in Iraq without a coordinated donor strategy. It provides useful recommendations on how to improve military assistance in this context. – International Crisis Group

Tiger Chairs and Cell Bosses: Police Torture of Criminal Suspects in China                       

The latest Human Rights Watch report on China provides evidence that police torture and ill-treatment of suspects in pretrial detention is still an important problem. – Human Rights Watch

Putting people at the heart of security: Reviewing approaches, exploring solutions

This new paper focuses on providing a how-to guide for putting people at the heart of security, notably through community security approaches. – Saferworld

State Formation, Humanitarianism, and Institutional Capabilities in South Sudan

Through the lens of humanitarianism and the humanitarian aid system, the author discusses the issues of state formation, statebuilding and capacity building for peacebuilding in South Sudan. – Peter Biar Ajak, International Peace Institute

Cross-Cutting Report on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

This report provides information on the UN Security Council’s actions and recommendations to strengthen the protection of civilians in armed conflict. – Security Council Report

In New Light: protection of civilians, the Lord’s Resistance Army and the African Union Regional Task Force

This report analyzes the role played by the Regional Task Force on civilian protection in the areas of CAR, DRC and South Sudan affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army. – Conciliation Resources

Local perspectives on inclusive peacebuilding: A four-country study

This paper provides useful insights on peacebuilding and local ownership, based on case studies of Timor-Leste, Somalia, Liberia and Myanmar. – Sigrid Gruener and Matilda Hald, Dag Hammarskjold Foundation