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News Roundup: 4 July - 10 July 2016 By: SSR Resource Centre | SSR | Jul 11, 2016

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Centre for Security Governance

Publication Announcement - The Foundation for Defence Procurement Reform in Ukraine

The Centre for Security Governance has just published its latest CSG Paper, “The Foundation for Defence Procurement Reform in Ukraine” written by CSG Senior Fellow Ross Fetterly.



Given the current security environment in Ukraine, the need to undertake fundamental reform in management of defence resources in that sector is essential. The focus of this paper is to provide a governance framework for such transformational reform in procurement that could be applied in Ukraine. The three core elements that comprise the foundation for this defence procurement reform are: development of a defence industry strategy, selecting a defence procurement strategy and reform of the defence industrial base. The paper argues that the Ukraine capital equipment program is central to a defence strategy articulated by the government, and reform of both the defence industrial base and capital equipment procurement process are primary enablers that will facilitate strategy execution. With the two primary priorities in the Ukraine defence sector of greater security and greater effectiveness of its state institutions, reform of the defence procurement process will contribute to strengthening capacities and effectiveness in both areas.


SSR Resource Centre

Survey Reminder - Celebrating the SSR Weekly’s 3rd anniversary!

Thanks for all your responses and feedback on our SSR Weekly project so far! The Centre for Security Governance values your input and would greatly appreciate if you could fill out this survey before July 15. Thank you!



New proposals to improve the EU’s support for security and development in partner countries

On July 5 2016, The European Commission and High Representative put forward a Joint Communication on security sector reform and a legislative proposal to foster security and sustainable development in partner countries by providing more effective assistance to all security sector actors. – European Commission

Guatemala Extends Use of Military in Policing Role

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has announced the military will continue supporting police in a domestic security role, extending a controversial stopgap measure seen elsewhere in the region that is frequently accompanied by human rights concerns. – Michael Lohmuller, Insight Crime

NATO agrees comprehensive assistance package for Ukraine to strengthen its security

At the summit in Warsaw, NATO has agreed a comprehensive package of assistance to Ukraine for strengthening its security sector- Interfax-Ukraine

Georgian parliamentary election: the Security Sector Reform

A crucial topic on the national agenda, the reform of the security sector in Georgia is likely to influence the October political ballots - Marilisa Lorusso, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso



Ten Theory of Change Tips for SSR

The author provides a useful analysis on how Theory of Change can be used effectively in various ways for better security sector reform programming. – Kai Schaefer, ISSAT-DCAF

A remedy for poor design: professionalizing accountability of security & justice programs

The author argues that accountability is a key entry points to improve “how the average development organization designs and implements its security and justice programs.” – Erwin van Veen, Knowledge Platform – Security & Rule of Law

On local security provision in DRC | Le groupement de Waloaluanda : une « zone rouge »? Comprendre un quotidien socio-sécuritaire complexe (in French)

This blog analyzes the social and security situation in the groupement (local administrative unit) of Waloaluanda, located in the territory of Walikale in North Kivu province. It argues that the isolation of this area, which is partly a result of deficient road infrastructure, has fostered both underdevelopment and armed group presence. - Josaphat Musamba, Rift Valley Institute

Militants are devastating Nigeria’s oil industry again. Here’s what you need to know.

In the context of a resurgence of violence in the Niger Delta, the author provides a useful historical overview of militancy and violence in the region, as well as on the reintegration of ex-militants in communities in the Niger Delta in Nigeria. - Tarila Marclint Ebiede, The Washington Post

How Kenya Cleaned Up Its Courts

This article analyzes the lessons learned from the judicial reform process in Nigeria to fight corruption and create a more effective “people-centered” delivery of justice. – Maya Gainer, Foreign Policy



Setting the Aperture Wider A synthesis of research and policy advice on security pluralism in Tunis, Nairobi and Beirut

This synthesis paper outlines the analytical underpinnings of the project on plural security in urban contexts, summarizes recurrent themes from the case studies and provides policy recommendations and advice for policy makers working in contexts of security pluralism. Comparative research was conducted in three urban contexts: Beirut, Lebanon; Nairobi, Kenya; and Tunis, Tunisia. These cities are characterised by differing degrees of security pluralism, unequal levels of human development, distinct historical trajectories of state formation, and diverse patterns of social cleavages. – Plural Security Insights

Note: Individual case study reports, as well as a short policy note, are available on the Plural Security Insights website.

Implementing Criminal Codes and Other Legislation in Postconflict and Developing Countries

This guide offers practical advice to rule of law practitioners who are implementing new laws. It proposes a structured approach for systematically preparing and planning for implementation. The approach is accompanied by examples and suggestions based on comparative implementation successes. - Alison Evans, INPROL

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