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Terrorism: Learn To Live With It. Why Canada and its partners need to focus on defining, mitigating and managing – not eliminating – terrorism By: Valarie Findlay | SSR | Feb 27, 2015

In these days of sound-bites and quotes, the issue of global terrorism by non-state and state-sympathizers has created conundrums in Western Nations in communicating and devising effective approaches, responses and analysing causality. We see this in our struggles to augment and institute new legislative powers, military involvement and domestic responses to events that may or may not be terrorist motivated.

As much as we have not eliminated or eradicated crime, we have not and will not be able to eliminate or eradicate terrorism – both being idealized behaviours. But we can manage and mitigate the sub-types of terrorism in their respective contexts and settings with active advancement to analyzed definitions and responsible use of terminology. This means replacing the general term of terrorism, and its use for too many events before all of the details are known, with specific, substantially analyzed definitions. Read more


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