The Thin Blue Line and The Impact of Terrorism on the Transformation of Law Enforcement By: Valarie Findlay | SSR | Jul 31, 2015

Law enforcement in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada has seen a substantial transformation over the past half century, primarily due to its inextricable ties to legislation. Some practitioners and professionals allege that 9/11 was the marquee event that signified not only a new type of terrorism, but a new type of policing, broadened by legislative change and integrated into the counter-terror model. Were the events of 9/11 responsible for the transformation of law enforcement and a watershed of legislation in the subject nations? As seen throughout history, generational memory and media influence can instil a psychological contagion that long outlives the original news piece and pushes others of relevancy to the background. Having a considerable effect, this combination can impose bias and referential limitations in developing effective responses to terrorism. Read more


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