Negotiation of Integration of South Sudan Liberation Army armed forces under Johnson Olony in Fashoda 2013. In recent months Olony has re-defected and is central in fighting over Malakal.

Security Sector Reform in South Sudan and prospects for peace By: Matthew LeRiche | South Sudan | Jul 3, 2015

Escalation since April in the conflict in South Sudan left little hope a settlement could be reached any time soon. Both government and opposition forces appeared dedicated to a military solution. In the past weeks however renewed hope has come from a series of engagements by 1) the South African government, 2) progress in reconciliation between the G10 group of leaders, and 3) renewed offers of conciliation by President Kiir himself. Those close to the situation however continue to see a major impasse from the various commanders of the opposition forces, who continue to reject deals on offer. In particular the infamous General Peter Gadet, likely the most effective and feared of the opposition leaders, is still likely to reject any deal between the opposition group and South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir.

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