Munich in Minsk? By: David Law | Ukraine | Mar 3, 2015

The 11 February meeting in the Belarusian capital with French President Hollande, German Chancellor Merkel, Ukrainian President Poroshenko and his Russian homologue Vladimir Putin is reminiscent of an encounter that took place in Munich in September 1938.

The 1938 encounter brought together British Prime Chamberlain, French President Daladier, the Italian Il Duce Mussolini, and of course, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. What has gone down in history as the Munich Agreement allowed for Germany’s annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia mainly inhabited by German speakers: the so-called Sudetenland. The accord was supposed to stench any further German territorial demands. Chamberlain returned to the UK amidst much talk that the agreement would secure “peace for our time.” Daladier was greeted on his return to Paris by enthusiastic crowds. Read more


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