MINUSCA launches disarmament and relocation of ex-Seleka

Publication Announcement – SSR 2.0 Brief No. 1: “Security Sector Reform in the CAR” By: SSR Resource Centre | Central African Republic | Oct 23, 2014

SSR 2.0 Brief 1 - Teodora and Law - coverThe CSG has just published its inaugural SSR 2.0 Brief on “Security Sector Reform in the Central African Republic: Chronicle of a Death Foretold,” written by Teodora Fuior and CSG Senior Fellow David Law.

This brief looks into the implementation of SSR in CAR, the deficiencies of its design, and the missteps made in its implementation. Its central finding is that the failure of the peacebuilding process in CAR was predestined, stemming from the earliest stages of SSR implementation in the country.

This SSR 2.0 Brief can be accessed here.

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