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News Roundup: 20 April - 26 April 2015 By: SSR Resource Centre | SSR Weekly | Apr 27, 2015

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Security Sector Reform Resource Centre

Implicit Traces of Security Sector Reform in Turkey: A Fragile but Steady Process

Ahmet Barbak discusses the historically dominant political role played by security forces in Turkey, and the ongoing slow and subtle reform of civil-military relations in the country.



Kenya’s anti-terror border wall sparks heated debate

Kenya began building a barrier along the Somali border in an effort to prevent incursion of al-Shabab fighters. This article presents opinions by several Kenya officials on the policy. — IRIN

Thailand’s military-backed council debates new constitution

Thailand’s military-backed reform council has begun its debate over a new constitution, which has sparked heated and divisive discussion within the country. — BBC

FARC to Maintain Cease-Fire, but Colombian Government Says Rebels behind Attack

FARC guerillas in Colombia have said they will maintain their unilateral ceasefire declared in December, while the government continues to emphasize the rebels are responsible for the death of 11 soldiers in the 15 April attack in Cauca. The government nevertheless insisted peace talks would not be suspended. — Latin American Herald Tribune

Lithuanian defense minister: NATO ready to assist Ukraine in military reform

NATO announced it is ready to assist Ukraine in its defense sector reform process. —Interfax-Ukraine

Kenya: Garissa cops sent packing

Eight of the top security commanders in Garissa Kenya fired for reportedly leaving their post despite knowledge of an imminent terrorist attack. — The Star

MIT gun truck bust lands Turkish gendarmes in prison

Turkish gendarmes have been arrested and prosecuted for searching trucks chartered by Turkish intelligence. — Metin Gurcan, Al Monitor

Afghan Taliban Announces Spring Offensive

The Afghan Taliban announced it will begin its annual spring offensive on 24 April, stating their main targets are “foreign occupiers, especially their permanent military bases… officials of the stooge regime, their military constellations, especially their intelligence, interior ministry and defense ministry officials.” — Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty

Serbia has during the past 15 years achieved significant results in the fields of security reforms — Dacic

Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic discussed Serbia’s security sector reform success at a conference on governance and security sector reform. —

Sinai security stymied by continued terrorist attacks

Increased insecurity in Egypt’s Sinai has led some observers to suggest the government is not investing enough in military defense. — Al Monitor

Nigerian forces invade last known stronghold of Boko Haram

Nigerian military sources reported national security forces invaded Boko Haram’s last known stronghold in the Sambisa forest in an effort to end the insurgency. — Ardo Abdallah, Reuters

282 boys and 1 girl freed in final release of children of Cobra Faction in South Sudan

UNICEF reported the final group of children have been released from the Cobra Faction, an armed group in South Sudan, amid ongoing conflict in the country. — UNICEF

Despite security advances in Côte d’Ivoire, challenges remain over ex-combatants, impunity, chair of 1572 sanctions committee tell Security Council

The chair of the Cote d’Ivoire sanctions committee told the UN Security Council that while the country has made progress in security-related areas, concerns remain over ex-combatants and impunity, among other issues, and noted he will continue dialogue with authorities on these matters. — PR Newswire

Liberia: Minister Samukai calls for non-lethal support to Liberia’s security sector

Liberia’s Defense Minister called on the European Union for non-lethal, primarily logistical, support to the country’s security sector as UNMIL prepares its withdrawal. — Heritage (Monrovia)

Sack Fever: Ministers, security chiefs in dilemma over Jonathan, Buhari

Emmanuel Uzodinma discusses a ‘palpable anxiety’ within President Jonathan’s cabinet following the firing of the country’s Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba. — Emmanuel Uzodinma, Daily Post



Deaths in the Mediterranean are a direct result of ongoing crisis in North Africa

Paul Jackson discusses how the intensifying crisis of migrants fleeing across the Mediterranean into Europe is a direct consequence of ongoing conflict and chaos in Iraq, Syria and specifically in Libya. — Paul Jackson, The Conversation

Is Kenya’s security policy the real enemy within?

Anjili Parrin discusses the need for improved governance and security sector reform in Kenya. —Anjili Parrin, IRIN

Sub-Saharan African geopolitics in Guinea-Bissau - Analysis

Gustavo Placido Dos Santos discusses the need for effective security sector reform in Guinea-Bissau to ensure sustainable peace in the West African state. — Gustavo Placido Dos Santos , The Portuguese Institute of International Relations and Security (IPRIS)

From Calvin to the Caliphate

John M. Owen IV discusses the religious dimension of ongoing conflict in the Middle East. — John M. Owen IV, Foreign Affairs

Shiite militias’ role in Anbar fight unclear

Shelly Kittleson discusses the role of Shiite militias, known as Popular Mobilisation Units, in the ongoing fight against Islamic State forces in Iraq’s Anbar province.  — Shelly Kittleson, Al Monitor

The human cost of Yemen’s war

Maysaa Shuja al-Deen discusses the impact of conflict on civilians in Yemen. — Maysaa Shuja al-Deen, Al Monitor

How fragile is Burundi’s peace?

Ignatius Ssuuna discusses the fragility of peace in Burundi ahead of June elections.  Specifically he explores the potential to backslide into conflict with some of the thousands of Burundians who have already fled the country fearing bloodshed in the coming months. — Ignatius Ssuuna, IRIN

The real stakes of Sudan’s elections

Berouk Mesfin discusses the implications of Sudan’s recent election and the re-election of President Omar al-Bashir for the future of development and stability in the country. — Berouk Mesfin, ISS Today

With 580 U.S. boots on the ground in Ukraine, what’s Valdimir Putin’s next move?

Josh Cohen discusses the continuously deteriorating relationship between the U.S. and Russia amid ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. — Josh Cohen, Reuters



Beyond stabilisation: Understanding the conflict dynamics in North and South Kivu, DRC

This new International Alert report explores conflict dynamics in North and South Kivu provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. — International Alert

The Crisis in North Africa

This recent Clingendael report discusses ongoing crisis and conflict in North Africa since the beginning of the Arab Spring, explores the implication of regional developments on Europe, and proposes a series of possible policy options for European policy-makers to deal with this prevailing threat. — Clingendael Institute

Adversity and opportunity: Facing the security and policy challenges in the Middle East

This recent Clingendael report discusses key dynamics and drivers of conflict in the Middle East in the post-Arab Spring era, and presents possible implications and policy recommendations for the European Union, the United States and other international actors. —  Clingendael Institute

Exiting the cycle of conflict in South Sudan: Diversifying for sustained and inclusive prosperity

Yurendra Basnett and James Alic Garang explores ongoing conflict in South Sudan, arguing that ending conflict requires building the capacity to diversify production and trade. — Yurenda Basnett and James Alic Arang, ODI

The Chaos in Darfur

Crisis Group’s most recent report discusses the state of conflict and violence in Darfur noting that ending violence in the country requires addressing local dimensions of conflict within national talks and parallel local processes. — International Crisis Group

Beyond the medical crisis: The politics of Ebola in Sierra Leone

Lisa Denney discusses the political dimension of the Ebola crisis in West Africa. — Lisa Denney, Institute of Development Studies